Thank you for seeking the answer to this seemingly simple, boring question! We can already sense that you’re a truth-seeker, too.


You see, one day we sat down and felt boringly overwhelmed by the millions and billions of blogs that circulate the web today: “My cat only ate 38 grams of cat-food today, I weighed it, maybe I’ll call the Vet tomorrow…”.

You do that.

With this in mind, and no blog, we decided to try and make a difference, and then the words came to us: “Survival among Wilderbeasts and Razorbacks”. And it all seemed so natural at that time, even though there’s nothing natural about this odd-looking couple, grunting and drewling, smelly as they are.

And that’s exactly why it had to be them, we decided.

– If we can make THEM make sense, then everything’s possible! I cried out.

And it’s true. Therefore, through them, in the jungle, we’ll try to help you get a successful life and living. Don’t laugh! If you still ask yourself “Is this blog really necessary?”, then listen now to our answer: “We’re gonna make it necessary!”

Now everything must seem chaotic for you, we know. But when you come back and read our posts, if there’s anything you don’t understand, be sure to ask The Almighty Hog for answers. He’s our very own “Mr.Know-It-All”. Or place a comment. Or both.


Pepe & Dada, You’re new best friends.

Published on January 31, 2007 at 8:44 pm  Leave a Comment  

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